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Playmarket’s 2015 collection with a natural touch

28 Juli 2015

Natural products are the new trend! Aware of this growing trend, Playmarket has launched a new collection filled of passion and new ideas for an authentic shopping in motion.

Focused in design and innovation, Playmarket has created a collection inspired by its roots, respect for the environment. The result is a unique trolley that combines the perfect balance of a modern and contemporary design with an authentic touch thanks to the use of high quality natural fabrics.

To achieve a natural effect that meets the needs of everyday life, Playmarket has developed a new collection for 2015 with natural jute fibers in the outside and an inside made of PU for easy cleaning and maintenance. 

Design has always been key for Playmarket and for this new collection, we added print messages to highlight the emerging values in our society, such as Slow city and Slow food. To emphasize it, we have chosen the slogan enjoy the little things in life to remember the value of proximity and quality; that reminds us of the coffee bags used in the former colonies to evoke a traditional trade.

This collection will be available for Go Two model.


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