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  • Title:
    Playcare 223 Gris Marengo
    178,00 €
As a result of Playmarket's experience and know-how, Playcare comes to life, an innovative line of products designed and focused to fulfill with the needs and facilitate t...
  • Title:
    Go Two Compact 273 Coral
    92,00 €
Go Two Compact is the ideal two-wheeled trolley to take it anywhere.  Lightweight and manageable, you will be surprised by its great strenght and load capacity. An...
  • Title:
    Go Plus 274 Burdeos
    168,00 €
Go Plus offers greater load cacpacity without sacrificing comfort and ease of use. Its ...
  • Title:
    Go Up 268 Textured
    150,00 €
Its high performance and avant-garde design make Go Up the Playmarket flagship trolley.  Take it on two or four wheels, whatever is easier and more comfortable for...
  • Title:
    We Go Textured (sin termo)
    184,00 €
Discover a new way to go shopping with We Go, the most innovative and versatile trolley on the market.  Give it as many uses as you can imagine!  ...
  • Title:
    Go Fun Red
    129,00 €
Go Fun is a new trolley concept devised   to assist users’ mobility in multiple activities on our day-to-day. ...


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30 May 2016

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