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What kind of foodie are you?

9 June 2016

The foodie trend has become increasingly popular as of late, as more and more amateur food enthusiasts are tweeting, posting and blogging about their food-related experiences, including dishes, restaurants, wine tasting and food fads, making them culinary explorers.

This phenomenon is so widespread that nowadays there are different categories of foodies. Playmarket takes a look at each one:

The first group includes the ‘posh’ foodies who seek the sensory experience associated with food, which has to be unique. They tend to be people who have made gourmet cuisine their main hobby, and they love to share it on social media.


The hosts cook for pleasure and enjoy cooking for family and friends; they rule the kitchen. They browse social media for inspiring recipes and upload their latest creations.

Proponents of an unhurried, sustainable lifestyle who seek ecological, local or traditional products are the slow consumers. They prefer natural dishes over elaborate concoctions, regularly practice yoga and meditation, and are environmentally aware.


For the healthy lovers, food is a source of nutrition. Health is paramount; they pay close attention to the properties and nutritional benefits of each ingredient. They typically eat fresh, natural ‘super foods’, and exercise is their mantra.

Price is important without compromising quality to the thrifty foodies. They seek reasonably priced quality products and create quick, simple, delicious dishes that look sophisticated.

And the last group includes the ‘fast and easy’ foodies, who seek simple products to make their daily life easy. They prepare basic dishes but do not shy away from creativity. They turn to social media for inspiration but are not actively participative.


Now you know all the different foodie personalities. Which one is yours?



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