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As a result of Playmarket's experience and know-how, Playcare comes to life, an innovative line of products designed and focused to fulfill with the needs and facilitate the day-to-day of the seniors users, helping and providing them the independence and comfort they need to go shopping.

The new Playcare trolley features an ergonomic handlebar that can be adjustable to suit different heights and offers great stability for maneuvering, making its usage secure and confortably. In addition, its chassis structure has been designed to facilitate the user mobility without obstacles for walking.

Designed to meet the senior public needs, Playcare introduces a double-level bag which top level, easily accessible, allows the user to load and unload the shopping cart without bending over. Also the lower level is accessible by a zipper closure. In order to get the full capacity of the shopping cart, you simply remove the top inner bag. 

191,40 €


  • Compact folding.
    Compact folding.
  • Safety reflectors.
    Safety reflectors.
  • Adjustable handlebar with anti-slip foam.
    Adjustable handlebar with anti-slip foam.
  • Easy access top bag.
    Easy access top bag.