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Go Fun

Go Fun is a new trolley concept devised   to assist users’ mobility in multiple activities on our day-to-day.

Useful for the beach, for that little picnic, as a towing tool or whenever you decide to make some home improvements, Go Fun, gives you different ways of usage for loading and transporting that goes beyond your daily shopping. Compact and light with its 3.5 kg, it comes fully equipped with 2 big wheels that make easier its handling through all types of terrain.

("ultra-compact”) offers  you 2 different options to store it anywhere you like, even when its fully   loaded can fit on your car’s trunk. Go Fun includes an anti slide foam handlebar interior removable and washable bag, frontal support leg, extra side mesh pockets, waterproof textile and can be fully closed with its zipper cover.

123,40 €
96,75 €

Weight and measurements

High: 98,5 cm
Length: 49,7 cm
Width: 45,4 cm
Width: 45,4 cm
Carro plegado
High: 54,5 cm
Length: 20,5 cm
Weight: 3,5 kg


  • Go Fun
    Carrying handle.
  • Go Fun
    Ultra-compact folding option.
  • Go Fun
    Medium-size folding option.
  • Go Fun
    Folding Push-buttons.
  • Go Fun
    Side bags.
  • Go Fun
    Zipper cover to fully closed.
  • Go Fun
    Big wheels.
  • Go Fun
    Anti-slid foam handlebar.