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Go Two Compact

Go Two Compact is the ideal two-wheeled trolley to take it anywhere. 

Lightweight and manageable, you will be surprised by its great strenght and load capacity. And when you do not need it, store it in any place thanks to its innovative ultra compact folding. And now, thanks to its fully removable bag, you can use the frame for other tasks.  

99,00 €


  • Removable bag.
    Removable bag.
  • Automatic folding safety lock.
    Automatic folding safety lock.
  • Rear pocket
    Rear pocket.
  • Fast bag closure.
    Fast bag closure.
  • Removable wheels.
    Removable wheels.
  • Ultra-compact folding.
    Ultra-compact folding.
  • Handlebar with anti-slip foam.
    Handlebar with anti-slip foam.