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We Go

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Discover a new way to go shopping with We Go, the most innovative and versatile trolley on the market. 

Its renewed design incorporates a removable thermal bag that allows you to adapt the interior space according to your needs. 

Give it as many uses as you can imagine! 

186,00 €

Weight and measurements

Weight: 4,7 Kg
High: 97 cm
Width: 48 cm
Length: 68,5 cm
Carro plegado
High: 64 cm
Length: 33 cm
Weight: 50 l


  • Adjustable handlebar with anti-slip foam.
    Adjustable handlebar with anti-slip foam.
  • Double swivelling front wheels.
    Double swivelling front wheels.
  • Compact folding.
    Compact folding.
  • Weatherproof rain cover.
    Weatherproof rain cover.
  • Removable thermal bag.
    Removable thermal bag.
  • Side net pockets.
    Side net pockets.
  • Safety reflectors.
    Safety reflectors.
  • Removable bag.
    Removable bag.